IVF- In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

IVF Center in Noida – In vitro fertilization treatment involves collecting an egg from the woman’s ovaries & fertilizing it with sperm in the lab. When the egg is fertilized successfully it is called the embryo. After returning to the womb to grow and develop.

IVF treatment is an option. When a couple is having difficulties in pregnancy or. If they want to get pregnant as a single parent. Also, IVF is usually considered very safe. And in most cases who have experienced. It never shared about any problems with their health. During this scientific process. Eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and fertilized by the sperm outside the body in a controlled environment of the laboratory.

IVF Center in Noida – The fertilized eggs or embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus by a procedure called Embryo transfer(ET). IVF provides a unique way of managing reproductive issues. However, it is important to get it done from experts.

Test Tube Baby center, IVF Center Noida, IVF Center Delhi, IVF Hospital Noida, ivf specialist in Noida, IVF Doctor in Noida,IVF is generally very safe and most people. Who undergo IVF do not experience any problems with their health or pregnancy. Throughout the entire process, your fertility specialist will work with you to ensure any treatment you undergo is as safe as possible. It’s always a good idea to consult with the Best Infertility specialist in closest location. If you’re experiencing severe side effects following IVF. or if you need more information.

Process involved during IVF treatment

Boost your egg production through Supeovulation

For any woman who any already ovulating and is not conceiving. Then fertility doctors can increase her chance of getting pregnant by causing her to release more eggs via superovulation. Superovuati improves process of conceiving by stimulating her ovaries to release more eggs. Women with open fallopian tubes and whose partners have adequate sperm counts are candidates to go for Supeovulation.

Remove the eggs

A little more than a day before your eggs are scheduled to be obtained from you. You’ll be given a hormone injection which helps your eggs mature quickly. During this procedure, your fertility doctor will use an ultrasound to guide a thin needle into each of your ovaries through your vagina. It has a device attached to it that functions the eggs out one at a time.

Collect sperm from your partner or a donor

While your eggs are being removed. Your partner will provide a sperm sample. You also may choose to use donor sperm. Then the sperm are put through a high-speed wash. And spin cycle in order to find the healthiest ones.

Unite sperm and eggs

Now comes the most important Part of IVF treatment. That is combining the best sperm with your best eggs. This process is called Insemination. It takes a few hours for sperm to fertilize an egg.

Transfer the embryo s into the uterus

Embryos are placed into the woman’s womb 3 to 5 days after egg retrieval and fertilization. This procedure is done by the fertility specialist in the hospital. While the woman is awake by inserting a thin tube (catheter) containing the embryos into the woman’s vagina, through the cervix, and up into the womb. More than one embryo may be placed into the womb at the same time. Which can lead to twins, triplets, or more.