Infertility Specialist – Doctor Sarita

Best Infertility Specialist in Noida  – Dr.​ Sarita​ is​ first​ doctor​ who​ bring​ all​ advance​ reproductive​ services​ for​ the​ Treatment​ of Infertility​​ under​ one​ roof​ of​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ Centre​ in​ ​Noida.​ Moreover​ she believes​ in​ ethical​ & transparent​ work​ with​ quality.​ She​ is​ very​ passionate​ to​ deliver​ the best​ of her​ expertise​ for​ successful​ outcome​ of​ treatment.

​Had​ worked​ with​ the National​ University of​ Singapore. IVF specialist in Noida at​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ & Fertility​ Center in Noida​ for​ the last​ 7 years.

Clinical​ fellowship​ in​ reproductive​ medicine​ from​ king’s​ college​ (Assisted​ Reproductive Technique),​ London,​ UK. IFUMB​ (PGD​ in​ Ultrasonography​ from​ Thomas​ Jefferson​ University), Philadelphia, USA, DGO,​ MICMCH,​ FRCOG​ (Obstetrician​ ​& Gynecologist),​ MBBS.

Specialty​ In:
Recurrent​ Pregnancy​ Loss

Achievements​​ :
Achieved​ the​ first​ IVF​​ baby​ at​ Adam​ & Eve​ Test​ Tube​ Baby​ Centre in Noida, Achieved​ first​ IVF​​ baby​ of​ the​ Noida​ with​ PESA, Create​ history​ with​ first​ triplet​ Best Fertility Clinic in Noida, 26th​ January​ 2012​ is​ known​ as​ Record​ –Day(R-Day)​ at​ Adam​ & Eve, by​ delivering​ seven twins​ (fourteen​ ICSI​ babies)​ on​ the​ same​ day​ in​ Noida, Credited​ for​ giving​ Best Fertility Clinic in Noida​ baby​ to​ a patient​ of​ a frozen​ pelvis​ after​ 32​ years​ of​ marriage, So Proved​ great​ expertise​ after​ giving​ ICSI​ baby​ to​ ovarian​ cancer​ patients​ who​ were​ advised surrogacy/adoption, Established​ Adam​ & Eve​ as​ a best​ & proven​ test​ tube​ baby​ center of​ Delhi​ NCR​ as​ Dr. Sarita​ has​ given​ ICSI​ babies​ to​ more​ than​ 50​ couples​ who​ are​ more​ than​ 50​ years​ of​ their age, Delivered​ the​ Best Fertility Clinic in Noida baby​ to​ a patient​ who​ was​ 7 times​ IVF​ failure, Delivered​ >2000​ IVF/ICSI​ babies​ till​ now.