Oligospermia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Fertility Clinic in Noida – The condition in which the person has low sperm count in the semen is referred to as Oligospermia. Males suffering from Oligospermia have trouble reproducing normally. They will ejaculate normally, but the number of sperms cell in the semen will be very less.
The normal sperm count varies between 20 million to 40 million in one milliliter of semen. Men are diagnosed to have Oligospermia if they have less than 20 million sperms per ml.

Causes of Low Sperm Count In Men:

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases contracted from various sources, lead to infection. If they are not treated properly on time, they lead to severe infertility problems later.
  2. Testicular tumors might prevent normal sperm flow into semen. The condition can cured if the tumors removed at the appropriate time.
  3. The natural decrease in sperm count can caused due to treatable conditions like: overweight or underweight, chain smoking, alcohol and drug addiction, extreme stress, malnutrition from a young age.
  4. Oligospermia can have serious effects like Hypogonadism and Klinefelter’s syndrome. They are hereditary diseases and cannot cured through treatment. Generally, patients suffering from such diseases have low sex libido. They should try artificial means of reproduction.
  5. Some people develop this condition due to injuries or personal trauma.

Symptoms of Oligospermia:

  • Infertility is the main symptoms. The female partner will not conceive even after months or mating.
  • Testicular pain is a common problem. Sometimes huge swelling in the scrotum Seen.
  • Irritation during urination plus physical symptoms of other STD’s.

Fertility Clinic in Noida – Oligospermia patients will look extremely healthy. They will try hard to have babies. Except for hereditary diseases all other forms of infertility are curable.

Oligospermia most of the problems cured by changing the lifestyle and diet habits of the affected person. Food rich in Zinc and Vitamins preferred to these patients. Persons suffering from oligospermia eat food having high zinc content like sweet potatoes, oats, soybeans, oyster, flax seeds, etc. These foods boost libido. These foods help in stimulating the sexual hormones in the male body. It will result in a higher sperm count than usual. Studies suggest even males with 1.5 million sperms per milliliter have reproduced babies through normal lovemaking.

At Adam&Eve Test Tube Baby & Fertility Centre we welcome all the persons suffering from Oligospermia and treat their problems with advance technology.

Few treatments included in male infertility treatment:

  • Hormonal Treatment
  • Different medications
  • Biopsy, TESA, MESA
  • Surgery for male infertility