Egg Donation Process

What is egg donation?

The literal meaning of term egg donation is that, Egg Donation in Noida those females whose families are complete and have good fertility are engaged to donate their eggs to another couple to achieve conception.

Why egg donation is done or needed?

Egg donation is needed by that couple in which female partner’s oocyte is not there in the ovarian reserve or they are not available (in case of menopausal women’s).there is a major difference in male and female body. In males, sperms manufactured in the body and they are millions in counting, but in females, eggs fixed in quantity in their lifetime since birth of a girl.

At the age of 11-12 years when menses starts, we have around 20,000 eggs out of which 350-400 are with ovum. Only those eggs with ovum can give conception. If eggs with ovum not present in body, conception will not take place naturally. Then is such condition, couple has to undergo ivf cycle with donated eggs fertilized with male partners sperm. Then only they can have baby.

Investigation to check egg reserve in body:

  1. Age of female partner
  2. Antimullerian hormone
  3. Antral follicles checked on day -2 of menstrual cycle.
  4. Hormone testing – FSH, LH, Estradiol, after seeing all these reports we decide for egg donation.

Reasons of having no oocyte in body:

  • Multiple stimulated cycles with fertility drugs and failure to have conception.
  • Surgery done for ovarian cyst or tubovarian masses and ovaries removed.
  • Congenital absent ovaries in body,
  • Menopausal females


Egg donation process

When we enroll any female for egg donation process, we have to follow some criteria’s, which are as follows:

  1. We explain whole process to the female who is going to donate her egg in her understandable language so as she can understand in complete transparency.
  2. We took written consent for egg donation.
  3. Her age should be 20-35 yrs of age.
  4. All blood tests to done to check her egg quantity, blood group, thyroid, prolactin, blood sugar levels and serological tests of HIV, Hbs1Ag, and VDRL etc.
  5. Her overall body examination done so that she doesn’t have medical issues.
  6. Ultrasonography done to see ovaries and antral follicles.

Egg Donation in Noida If doctors found all reports normal and female is healthy, then consent given for her to donate eggs. Egg Donation in Noida It decided by doctors to take which donor for which couple considering physical appearance, blood group etc. once this done, after she has her menses, stimulation injections are given to her daily for 10-

11 days and keep on monitoring her by ultrasonography for size of follicles. Once they reach size of 18-19 mm trigger injection of HCG given and oocyte retrieval done 34 hours later. after retrieval egg donor should  monitored for any problem if she faces and instructed to report back if having pain etc. if no. of oocyte retrieved are more, doctors have to take certain precautions and care for her till she recovers fully.

Risks related to egg donation:

  1. Hyper stimulation syndrome: if more oocyte formed then donor can have this syndrome and should kept under observation before hand, she advised to take high protein diet and given protein drips also.
  2. Pain due to needle for which painkillers prescribed.
  3. Injections – if have fever then blood tests are done and antibiotics prescribed promptly.

Since donors are helping other, it is moral duty of doctors to take good care of the donors till she is perfectly fine to return her normal life back.

 Laws of egg donation in India

There are certain laws of egg donation. Which governed by ICMR (The governing authority of ART centre’s in India) which are as follows:-

  1. Any information about clients and donors must kept confidential.
  2. Gametes bank where a complete assessment of the donor has done, medical and other vital information stored, quality of preservation assured, confidentiality assured. And strict control exercised by a regulatory body must set up.
  3. The ART clinic must not a party to any commercial element in donor programmes or in gestational surrogacy.
  4. Gametes produced by a person under the age of 21 shall not used.
  5. A single person can donate a maximum of six times with minimum three months between every donation.

 Egg donation cost in India

Egg Donation in Noida cost may vary from centre to centre and place to place in may vary from 28,000 to 50,000 INR. In general.


  1. Egg donation done for the couple in which female partners egg finished in body.
  2. Egg donors selected after counseling and taking consent.
  3. Egg donors screened thoroughly before taking them for egg donation.
  4. It is doctor’s duty to take care of egg donors after oocyte retrieval till they become perfectly healthy.
  5. Selection of donors done by mat