Link Between Stress and Infertility

Infertility Centre in Noida – People stress level is increasing on a daily basis, stressful people are  considered as Unhealthy people. However, stress is not a good thing that our body experience. Yes, it is true that extreme stress can cause Infertility.

Experts have stated that Extreme Stress prevents pregnancy. Adrenaline is a hormone released by our body during stress. Adrenaline hinders hormone Progesterone to get utilized, which is essential for fertility.

Infertility causes a couple to face a lot of stressful experience with a feeling of animosity and failure. It can also affect relationships difficulties, which have emotional effects on the couple and create a negative feeling. These negative feelings can influence a range of emotions like angry, depressed, hopeless, distrust, etc and lead to serious health problems such as stroke, insomnia, high blood pressure, headache, etc.

How Stress affects infertility?

Infertility Centre in Noida – Experts have stated that stress amplifies stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, etc. which hinders the release of GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone). GnRH is the important hormone in the release of sex hormone. Eventually, ovulation is restrained and sperm count gets decreased.

GnRH is the most important hormone. It gestures to begin the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), these hormones revitalizes the ovaries or testes to release estrogens and androgens. Any disturbance to GnRH can result in the insufficient release of sex hormones and cause organs to no longer work. Extreme stress lowers libido in men and women.

A number of studies shown that high level of stress increases the production of Abnormal sperm. In Germany, a group of people rapes women and impregnated her. As a result, they were sentenced to death. After observing their semen, the doctor found that sperm count is zero. But they were fertile when they raped than women. So this shows the stress of death affected negativity on sperm.

How to reduce the effect of stress on fertility (Infertility Centre in Noida)?

It is very important to identify unrevealed stress and stay aware of the impact on the lives of people.
Some points to reduce the effect of stress:

  1. Beware of stress and try to reduce. Notice the stress of life and try to reduce it. Ignoring stress can make a person miserable. Less stress can improve quality of life. Suppose a person has a problem with his job then try for a new one or look any other way to solve it.
  2. Reduce the intensity of the emotional reaction to stress. This idea is actually challenging to get over and over again. This takes some attention and practice. Stress reaction depends on the perception of danger.
  3. Have herbs to reduce stress and increase fertility. Extreme stress lowers lipid both in men and women. Herbs boost the nervous system and decrease the stress response. Herbs help in stress management are shatavari root, schisandra, chamomile flowers, ashwagandha root, lemon balm leaf, linden flower, and bract, etc.
  4. Maintain your physical reserves:
  • Start to exercise daily.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Sleep tight, Take a break in between your work
  • A built habit that helps to reduce stress.

Some habits that reduce stress are:

  • Be consistent with your sleep as much as possible.
  • Exercise daily for musculoskeletal fitness.
  • Start doing yoga.
  • Meditation.
  • Read books.
  • Write a journal.
  • Avoid smoking & drinking.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Go for counselling.