Fails in first IVF cycle

IVF Clinic in Noida – Whenever a couple fails in the first IVF cycle. They probably feel a range of feelings like anger, stressed, anxiety disappointed, sadness, these whole feelings are because they want the result to be positive of fertility treatment. The first measure to take is to let yourself grieve a bit. It’s okay to feel disappointed and sad. Give yourself a week or so to get through this before you decide what to do next.

Many women who have had a failed IVF cycle will be successful on a second or even a third cycle. This is not true at all that the problems related to IVF success can get corrected, but many problems can get addressed in the next cycle and the chance will be more likely to result in a pregnancy.


Age of the female partner is the most important factor in predicting IVF success. As women get older, her eggs get older, fewer. The quality of eggs also declines with the consecutive age. This process starts to happen from the age of thirties and continues to decline till she reaches the age of 40. The success rate IVF cycle up to 35 year old women is 32 %, but for women aged 41 or 42 it decreases to 12%.

Embryo Quality

Another reason IVF cycles fail is poor embryo quality. Genetic defects, Hormonal disorders or chromosomal abnormalities can impair the quality of the embryos transferred in the uterus. Sperms having low sperm count and older eggs can also led to abnormal transplantation of embryo in uterus.


Ovarian Response

The ovaries respond to the fertility medications with the production of multiple eggs, which is critical to the chances of conceiving with IVF. As we know GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) is the most important hormone in releasing sex hormone. As GnRH releasing lower in body  FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and AMH (antimullerian hormone) get impaired in the body. Subsequently, women do not produce multiple eggs because their ovaries have fewer numbers of eggs in reserve than expected.

Steps You Can Take Before the Next Cycle: 

  1. The doctor will see the records of your earlier cycle. He will analyze each and every reason by which the cycle failed.
  2. He will also conduct a medical and psychological test to see the ovarian stimulation, any egg quality or quantity,  your uterus, sperm or any other issues.
  3. If he found any problem in the ovarian stimulation or egg quantity, your doctor will assist you medications or others.
  4. If the doctor didn’t found any complications with the eggs or the sperm. Then the couple can undergo the second IVF cycle.
  5. If the doctor found any complications with embryo implantation. Or sperm quality or egg quality then, he surely advises you to undergo ART procedures.

If the eggs and embryos were healthy and no other issues are apparent, you may get the results you want with your second IVF cycle. Ask your doctor to give you an honest appraisal of your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

IVF Clinic in Noida – Finally, if you need to, you can alter your lifestyle to improve your chances of succeeding at IVF. Stop smoking, don’t drink alcohol or use drugs, eat a healthy diet. Get enough rest and be kind to yourself and your partner. You’re going through a stressful time, with an exciting goal at the end!