Miscarriage after Infertility Treatment

Best Infertility Treatment in Noida – Miscarriage is the most common complication of early pregnancy, it is also called spontaneous abortion. Essentially it is the loss of embryo or fetus before 20 weeks. When fetus dies after 20 weeks then it is called “stillbirth”. The older you are, the more likely you have a chance for miscarriage. So your miscarriage rates are same irrespective of the method you use to conceive. Ectopic pregnancy slightly has higher risk in case of IVF Pregnancy. There is a lot of misconception in people that the baby through IVF Treatment conceived are abnormal or have birth defects and they don’t perform well in their life. But today what you have to understand that even in children who are born with natural spontaneous pregnancies there are a 3% chances of abnormalities in them. The risk of birth defects is up to 5-6% through IVF conceived births baby. Probably this is due to a genetic factor that may be present in some couples like sever male factor or those who are undergoing ICSI, even the rest of the general population, the risks and hazards are almost similar to that of natural conceptions.

Causes of Miscarriage (Infertility Treatment in Noida):

  1. Chromosomal abnormalities. It accounts really a high about 85% of miscarriages.
  2. Maternal illness. It includes diabetes, thyroid problem, anti-phospholipid syndrome. These all illness can increase the chance of miscarriage.
  3. Age factor. Overage about can increase the risk of miscarriage.
  4. Lifestyle factor. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, caffeine and maybe some other medication.
  5. Infections
  6. Overweight
  7. Underweight

Chromosomes are transitive DNA which carries a person’s genes and helps to pass on hereditary generation from parent to child. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosome or 46 in total which are with them from the first day of the womb.

In developing fetus not have the proper no of chromosomes. For eg – In trisomy, a baby receives 3 chromosomes of one type rather than a standard pair, with just one extra chromosome the pregnancy will not carry till the term.

Similarly, fetus with the condition known as monosomy which misses one chromosome this is also a common cause of miscarriage. Sometime mother may have internal problem that can led to interrupted pregnancy. For eg:- The misshapen uterus which is not large enough to accommodate the needs of growing baby.

Best Infertility Treatment in Noida – Some women experience miscarriage or even infertility due to non-cancerous tumor in the uterine cavity which are called “sub-mucous fibroids”. Some have Adhesions and scar tissue inside the womb which can restrict the implantation of fetus and its growth that led to miscarriage.

Cervical incompetence which occurs less frequently when cervix shortens or increases which expels the fetus prematurely.

On rare occasion, a chronic condition present in the mother such as diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure can provoke a miscarriage.

But there is no need for worrying. At Adam & Eve Test Tube Baby & Fertility Centre we carefully monitor women with different conditions and usually delivers a perfectly healthy baby.