What is egg donation?

Egg Donation in Noida – Egg donation provides another family with a gift of life. Being an egg donor one has the opportunity to change anyone’s life drastically to hopeful tended parents.

Egg Donation in Noida – At Adam&Eve, we welcome those who wish to become an egg donor. One should go undergo a screening process.  After the complete process if the person  found suitable for egg donation, then she will be one step closer to being a part of something that will bring great happiness to those in need.

In  Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) procedures egg donation done when a woman donates her eggs to other women. So, they may use it to conceive a child or to get pregnant through assisted reproduction treatment. This method usually involves the In vitro fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). It is a process in which eggs are initially fertilized by the chosen father’s sperm in a laboratory and then transferred into the mother’s or surrogate mother’s uterus. They may also be frozen so that they can be stored safely for later use for those in need.

Being a donor of eggs, you can allow an individual or couple who is unable to conceive a child for various medical reasons to experience the joy of a child. In some cases, a surrogate mother will chosen and then through the in vitro fertilization method, the eggs will fertilized and inserted into surrogate mother uterus. The women selected for egg donation must be healthy and her quality of sperm must be healthy. Egg donors can experience great joy and satisfaction by donating their eggs to one who needs it most.  Egg donors can assure someone’s happiness and joy of life. Their donation can allow another person or couple to become parents.