Egg Freezing Treatment

Egg freezing is an interaction to preserve the conceptive possibilities of a lady. The egg freezing process is likewise called oocyte cryopreservation. Egg Freezing is a technique which is used to make the woman’s eggs available in future for those women who are unwilling to have children now and want to preserve their fertility due to various personal reasons (careers, financial problems, marital issues, broken marriages etc).

Through this fertility treatment woman’s oocytes are extracted to keep stored and frozen until the woman is ready to become pregnant so that after making the decision to have a baby the frozen eggs can be thawed and used to develop as an embryo, which is transplanted into the uterus.

Is Egg Freezing Treatment is for you?

At Adam&Eve Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre, we prescribe Egg Freezing treatment to our patients in some of the situations such as:

  1. Severe hyperstimulation (Ovarian hyperstimulation), the eggs may be frozen for future use.
  2. Chemotherapy.
  3. Due to unexpected/ miscellaneous reasons, fertilization of the eggs which have already been retrieved is not taking place (Semen sample not available, etc).
  4. The woman herself wants to preserve her eggs for future use.

How Adam & EVE Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre do the process?

Egg freezing is done following the same protocol as IVF. Women are stimulated with medicine/injectables to produce a number of oocytes. The eggs are retrieved and frozen in the lab under appropriate conditions and can be used for future use.

The Protocol at Adam & EVE Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre

Day 21 (of the previous cycle): Inj-Superfast /Decapeptyl is started to down-regulate the pituitary. Uterine sounding assesses the length and direction of the cervical canal.

Day 2 (Day after periods): Levels of estrogen and LH are evaluated to confirm downregulation. If E2 levels appropriately low, a check scan is done to look for cysts and stimulation is started.

Day 5-13 (approx): Follicle sizes are measured periodically to assess the growth of follicles and thickness of the endometrium, levels of E2 and LH are taken.

Alternate / every 3rd-day scans determine the growth of follicles. When 3 follicles are larger than 18mm, Inj HCG is given and egg pickup is done after 351/2 hours. In the ovum pick up procedure, the follicular fluid is aspirated and the eggs are separated from the same under a microscope to be used for the fertilization procedure.

Antagonist Protocol:

Day 2: The injections are started from day 2 of menses and periodical measurements of the follicle size and the blood levels of hormones and checked and once ready the ovum pick up procedure is carried out.

The doctor decides the protocol and mode of treatment after a detailed assessment of the case history, years of marriage, age, and other parameters.