Testicular Biopsy Procedure

Testicular Biopsy Procedure is a test to aspirate a little specimen of tissue from one or both testicles and analyze the sperms and the parameters to assess in a case of male infertility.

The testicles (testes) are organs that hang in the scrotum underneath the base of the penis. The testicles produce sperm (essential for proliferation) and male hormones, such as testosterone.

Why Testicular Biopsy is done?

A testicular biopsy might be done in the following situations:

  • The man’s semen does not have sperm.
  • A testicular biopsy might likewise be done to recover sperm for the process of in vitro treatment for intracytoplasmic sperm (IVF-ICSI).

Hormonal assessment reveals an abnormality and the semen parameters need to be cross checked.
Testicular Biopsy Procedure is not generally used to identify the testicular tumor. At the point when the disease is suspected, an open surgical strategy (orchiectomy) is done to affirm the analysis.