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IVF Clinic in Noida

IVF Clinic in Noida – After years of trying to become parents frustrations and depressions seep into the relationships. Care for each other converts into accusations but, advancement in science gave us a method to achieve parenthood even with the multiple problems, and the method is In Vitro Fertilizationon. The literal meaning of IVF Treatment is to develop embryo outside the human body for some hours and then transfer them in the womb of the mother to further develop inside mother to give them that beautiful feeling of motherhood.  provide care treatment and safety to mother.



IVF Hospital in Noida – IVF process has advanced to a further stage of ICSI means intracytoplasmic sperm injection. In IVF –simple sperms are put in dishes in which eggs are there, they fertilize by themselves, but in ICSI – we select healthy eggs and healthy sperms. Each egg is held and we put sperm with a needle in the egg at a particular position. So healthy embryos are formed .that’s why success rates are much better in ICSI with this process.

The indications where this process is used are as follows:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Uterine tuberculosis history
  • Irregular menses
  • Endometriomas/ovarian cysts
  • PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid issues
  • Obesity/Diabetes/history of genetic disorders in family
  • Delayed marriages
  • Advanced Age
  • Menopause
  • Very low sperm count (Oligospermia)/or nil sperm count (Azoospermia)

How This Process is Done? Is it painful?

First of all – No- it is not painful at all.

Steps of ICSI are:

    1. We need eggs from the female partner and sperms from male partner for which basic tests is (Antimullerian hormone – Blood test for females to check their eggs quality) and (semen analysis –to check the sperm quantity and quality of male partner).
    2. Hysteroscopy done to see the actual condition of the uterus as the embryo has to develop in; uterus has to made healthy before transferring embryo for better acceptance.
    3. From 2nd day of menses, hormone injections (gonadotropins) are given to female partners to develop multiple eggs for fertilization. Along with leuprolide and cetrorelix injections. So that eggs are not ruptured inside the body. Multiple eggs formed because, and then we can have a choice of selecting healthy gametes.
    4. Ultrasonography done by specialist doctors at regular intervals to check egg/follicle development. Blood hormone levels also checked in the middle of stimulation and to check any changes in the body.
    5. When follicles are of appropriate size, injection of HCG given for maturity of eggs and to fix the timings of egg retrieval. Which are to taken out of the body at 34 hours of injection.
    6. Anesthetist gives short anesthesia and infertility clinician takes out all the eggs.

    7. With special needle which can passed through a guide attached to USG machine probe. so, all eggs retrieved under guidance and vision.
    8. At the same day, male partner semen sample collection done or if azoospermia with spermatogenesis. Sperm extraction done from the testis.
    9. Then mature eggs and healthy sperms selected and each sperm injected into each egg, kept in culture media and transferred to incubator machine where the fertilization process begins for 48 to 120 hours.
    10. On day 3 today, 5 embryos are checked and grading was done according to the quality of embryos. Healthy good quality embryos transferred in the uterus and if extra – they are frozen for future use.
    11. In one cycle 2-3vembryos implanted in the uterus by the help of a catheter, which is a thin plastic long tube.
    12.  After 15 days, a blood test done to check the implantation of the embryo, which will develop into a baby.
    13.  For few it becomes smile and for few, it’s not, but nothing to get depressed. We try to diagnose the reasons for failure, rectify them and try to achieve pregnancy in the 2nd cycle of ICSI.

 What is the success rate?

IVF Clinic in Noida – The worldwide success rate of ICSI  IS 35-40% but in Adam and eve by advanced preparations and using good quality products – our success rate is around 60-65 %. That is the reason Adam&Eve fertility center is famous for success rates. Depends on the quality of eggs and sperms, age of the couple and any medical issues.

With proud, we (IVF Clinic in Noida) commit that:

  •  35 years of age -50-55% success rate
  • 3 IVF cycles – more than 80% success rate

 What is the Cost of IVF treatment process?

IVF Center in Noida – Many centers commit ivf treatment cost in noida 80-90k .but cost of a 1st IVF treatment cost cycle with us is 1.5lac. why? Because we never compromise on quality. Best quality injectables and consumables give the best success rates – which is the main motto of our doctors. This ivf treatment cost includes – injections gonadotrophins, fertilization media, consumables, doctor’s fee, embryologist fee, anesthetist fee, operation theatre medicines, egg retrieval, fertilization in lab and embryo transfer process, ultrasonography.

  • Exclusions –oral medicines (for both partners)
  • blood tests
  • egg donors (if needed)
  • TESA (sperm extraction if needed)

Risks of Best IVF Fertility Treatment In Noida:

No major risks

Sometimes if a number of eggs are more, mild hyperstimulation occurs but that is easily managed by IVF specialists.

Money-Back Guarantees IVF Clinic in Noida

We gave guaranteed ICSI Plan.

In this plan – The cost of 3 cycles is 3.50 lacs.

Complete payment to  done before the first cycle.

If pregnancy does not occur even after 3 IVF cycles we will return 2.25 lacs back to the patient without any term and condition.

If pregnancy is growing nicely but unluckily lands in miscarriage, then the patient is not eligible for any return of money.

This plan  done for the benefits of patients who thought that they may need multiple IVF cycles or who have uncertainty for losing money without getting a result.

Loan Facility For Needy Patients:

 0% Interest on loan facility is available for patients having financial problems.

 These installments can be repaid in easy EMI options of 12,18, 24 and 36 months.

So, the IVF treatment process in Adam and Eve( IVF Clinic in Noida) are:

  •  Transparency at every step.
  •  Direct interaction with the doctor.
  •  Success rates are highest among IVF Centre’s in Delhi-NCR.
  • Delivered more than 2000 ICSI Babies till date.
  • ICSI for all patients.
  • No compromise in quality.
  • Blastocyst transfer with frozen embryos.
  • Money-back guarantees plan.
  • Loan facility.

IVF Treatment Centre in Noida Infertility Centre in Noida

The Adam and Eve IVF Treatment Center in Noida provides comprehensive infertility services in noida with compassionate care and counseling. Our state-of-the-art technologies vastly improve your chances of having a baby. We have outstanding success rates, and consistently receive rave reviews from our patients, which made us the Best IVF Treatment Centre in Noida.

IVF Doctor in Noida

IVF  Treatment is an advanced assisted reproductive technology. Adam and Eve have a dedicated team of Best IVF Doctors in Noida, who are experts in finding a final answer for all fertility-related problems. Our IVF doctors in Noida will work with you to identify the cause of your condition. We will help you understand your options and determine the best IVF treatment to help you begin or expand your family.

Infertility Specialist in Noida

Adam and Eve have a dedicated and experienced Infertility Specialist in Noida team that will guide you through your fertility journey in a compassionate and nurturing environment. Our expert staff consists of dedicated, caring infertility specialists in Noida who are committed to working with you to find the IVF treatment plan that is best for you. Our infertility specialist in Noida are world-renowned in the areas of research, medicine, and teaching.

IVF Hospital in Noida

Adam and Eve is one of the best IVF Hospital in Noida and offers a wide range of IVF treatment plans. Our IVF doctors, medical professionals, and support personnel are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare services for you and your family. Our team has been performing IVF for more than 12 years, and the IVF Hospital in Noida has high success rates.