Reasons for Using a Surrogate Mother

Who needs surrogacy?

Best Surrogacy Treatment in Noida – A man, women and a couple having a desire for baby, who are unable to have a baby by even after other ASSISTING REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY (ART) procedures can opt for surrogacy.

In the uterus, there are non-cancerous growths such as fibroids. It is common and found at least in 30% of women but if they are too many or too big or located at any bad place and cannot be removed surgically and then the uterus becomes a poor environment for the embryo implantation. So the patients facing these challenges can opt for surrogacy.

In past, some patients had stories of different condition of the uterus and form scar tissues inside the uterus and sometimes these conditions lead to path of uterus removal but their ovary functions well and has
good quality eggs. Instead of that, they have no environment to carry the baby. So the patient can take the next step towards surrogacy.


Best Surrogacy Treatment in Noida – Other patients for surrogacy are those have many pregnancy miscarriages. Many patients have up to 15 pregnancy loses that have been relatively unexplained and doctors try to look through a series of things and try to diagnose those looses but the education to treat make additional miscarriage. So the very next step must be taking her embryo and put into a different environment and hopefully having a better chance of caring a successful pregnancy.

Medical aspects

Relating to the medical aspects, women having no uterus or in the same condition, they have an abnormality with the uterus, which cannot carry pregnancy needs to surrogate.

Instead, there are a lot of gay couples, single parents desire to have a baby. These people path for parenthood seeks to surrogacy.

These days many patients come for surrogacy after multiple IVF failure because there is no limit of an ART procedure.

So, instead of repeated failure, a person makes a choice of surrogacy, which has a much higher success rate.

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