Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Noida

The rising graph of infertility has given birth to many techniques of Assisted reproduction, the commonest one as Test Tube baby. Often the couples going for infertility treatment have questions about IVF or test-tube babies.

What is Test Tube baby? Is there any difference between IVF and test-tube babies?

Test Tube baby is a technique of assisted reproduction where the eggs of the female are taken outside the body of the female and fertilized with the sperm in a petri dish. Best IVF Fertility Clinic Near Noida and test tube baby both are the same and there is no difference between them.

When do you need to have test tube baby treatment?

Test tube baby treatment is for the couples with following disorders :

Unexplained Infertility

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Poor ovarian reserve


Advanced age of the female


Failed cycles of IUI

Low sperm count in males

How is the technique of test-tube baby performed?


Refers to the stimulation of ovaries of female partners with the use of gonadotropins.  These hormonal injections are given to produce quality eggs and follicular monitoring is done to evaluate their growth.

Ovum Pickup or egg retrieval :

After the proper growth of the follicle,s the patient is called upon for the procedure of Ovum pickup. Then the eggs are retrieved transvaginally under anesthesia.

IVF Center Noida, IVF Center Delhi, IVF Hospital Noida, ivf specialist in Noida, IVF Doctor in NoidaFertilization :

The retrieved eggs are collected in a test tube and then placed in a petri dish. Semen taken from the male partner is washed and then placed in the same dish for insemination. Then the dish is kept in the incubator where fertilization takes place.

Embryo Transfer :

The formed embryos under the guidance of ultrasound are transferred to the uterus of the female through a fine catheter. Some hormonal drugs for better implantation are given to the patient. Pregnancy is confirmed after the HCG test result comes out to be positive.

What are the factors for the success of test-tube babies?

Test Tube Baby center, IVF Center Noida, IVF Center Delhi, IVF Hospital Noida, ivf specialist in Noida, IVF Doctor in Noida,Success depends on certain factors like younger women have better success rates than older females. Lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol intake may reduce the chances of implantation.


Selecting the right fertility clinic also plays a major role in the success of Test tube babies.

Donor eggs also determine success. Eggs of younger donors may help in better chances of pregnancy.

Are IVF/test tubes babies different than normal babies?

It is a complete myth that test-tube babies are different from normal babies. Test tube babies are normal babies. Best IVF Fertility Clinic Near Noida Normal or cesarean deliveries are also approximately in the same ratio as in normal conception cases. At Seeds of Innocence, we have the facility of genetic testing of embryos in our genetic lab. The advantage is that the embryos can be tested for aneuploidies, genetic disorders, or inherited diseases before implantation. Hence, a  healthier generation could be produced by reducing the threat of miscarriages and abnormal babies.