Understanding Male Infertility and Finding the Right Cure


Infertility Centre in Noida – While one or both individuals may have a role in the couple’s reproductive challenges, male infertility, like female infertility, is a clinical diagnosis. That can only be determined after a thorough examination and testing.

One in every eight couples has difficulty conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. One-third of infertility is due to the female partner. One-third is due to the male partner. And the remaining one-third is due to a mix of difficulties in both partners or remains unexplained.

Male infertility is more likely found in areas where pollution levels are high. Such as water pollutants, pesticides, and herbicides. According to certain recent demographic surveys. Sperm counts have been falling worldwide. Despite the fact that infertility has not increased significantly.

Doctors are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of male infertility in at least half of the instances. Infertility caused by environmental, genetic. Or other identified reasons in the remaining cases.

Some men have a genital condition called Klinefelter’s XXY syndrome. In which they have an extra copy of the female-sex determining genes (the X chromosome). As well as hormonal issues like diabetes, high levels of the milk-producing hormone prolactin. or problems with hormone-producing organs like the thyroid or adrenal gland. But the good news is that not all male infertility is permanent or untreatable. It is not uncommon for men to treat infertility through one or a combination of actions.


Infertility Centre in Noida – Smoking, heat exposure, heavy activity, toxicants, certain narcotics. Or excessive drinking, as well as decreasing stress and taking medications, are all harmful environmental elements to avoid. Antioxidants, such as folic acid, zinc, or L-carnitine, can cure male infertility. If prescribed in the most effective way possible.

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