Stress and Fertility

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Fertility Centre in Noida – Stress is a the situation that challenges or threatens our normal state of mind. Although we need some type of stress to challenge and keep us motivated, chronic stress is not good for you. Chronic stress, if left untreated, can lead to anxieties and phobias of different kinds.
The correlation between stress and infertility has debated for a long time.

Although stress does not directly affect fertility. It can affect certain bodily functions. Which in turn can affect fertility. Anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues are very hard to manage. And it’s not uncommon to come across some of those issues when you’re navigating fertility. But since stress and fertility are complex topics to research on their own. It’s even more complicated to understand how they work together.


Fertility Centre in Noida – The direct link between stress and infertility is unknown. When you are feeling anxious or stressed. The nervous system releases hormones such as cortisol. Which cause negative reactions such as high blood pressure or increased heart rate. In some cases, women experience a delay in menstruation when they experience high levels of stress. In this way, yes, stress can affect fertility. However, this is not a long-term condition and fertility will restored once the anxiety and stress are controlled.

Another similar example would be a lifestyle. During episodes of stress and anxiety, men and women may turn to alcohol and smoking. In this way, continuous substance abuse can lead to infertility problems like low sperm count and delay in ovulation. Stress also causes a decrease in libido and can weaken the immune system. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplained infertility. It is you who have a fertility specialist who will help determine the cause of infertility and guide you through the same.