Sperm Freezing: Reasons to Do and Best Fertility Center

Sperm Freezing, a modern medical technique, delivers the solution to infertility patients. Sperm freezing is the technique whereby sperm cells are cryopreserved to save them for future utilization.

Sperm cells have been solidified and defrosted effectively for over 40 years.

By utilizing uncommon innovation and afterward keeping sperm in fluid nitrogen (-196°C), it can be put away for a long time while as yet keeping up a sensible quality.

Why Sperm Freezing is followed?

Life is full of unexpected things but we thank our medical science which has given us techniques to preserve biological material for future, where Sperm Freezing is an example which is followed in some of the situations such as,

  • Vasectomy.
  • Diabetes, which may cause erectile difficulty.
  • Male being away from home on the day of assisted reproductive treatment.
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy in cancer cases.
  • High-risk occupations or sports.

How do we at  Our Fertility Centre arrange Sperm Freezing?

At Adam & EVE Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre, we are very careful and follow all guidelines. At one of your initial appointments, all your blood tests for fertility, all routine blood tests and hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV etc, will be carried out as well. We routinely screen for these contaminations as they may be transmitted through the semen to a female accomplice or an unborn kid, and to minimize the danger of cross-contamination.

Once blood test’s result comes out, you need to contact us or our expert team to book an appointment for a laboratory process to make your semen sample freeze. You may organize to deliver at home or give a fresh sample within our own premises in our specially designated room for semen collection. The sample is assessed for all parameters and you may be required to give up to 3 samples. The frozen samples can be kept for 10 years on end or more.

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