Embryo Freezing Process

Embryo Freezing is a new sequential culture fertility program offered by Adam&Eve Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre and Cryopreservation of embryos has significantly shown improved pregnancy rate.

Throughout, IVF or ICSI treatment, a number of unused embryos are left after couple’s first cycle or sometimes due to miscellaneous reasons the embryos cannot be transferred in the same cycle.

These embryos are then frozen for use in a subsequent transfer or later treatment cycle or for future use, may also be used for research or training (after couple’s consent).

Embryos Freezing can be done in the following conditions:

  1. It gives you the option of using the excess embryos in future IVF or ICSI cycles.
  2. If your treatment needs to be canceled after egg collection (for example, if you have ovarian hyperstimulation of the uterus lining is not ready or there is a polyp etc developing in the uterus which needs to be removed first) you will be able to freeze your embryos for transfer in a subsequent cycle.
  3. If you are undergoing treatment for a medical/surgical condition, such that you are not yet ready to conceive or that condition might affect your fertility (embryo freezing is currently the most effective way for women to preserve their fertility).
    You are at risk of injury or death and you want to preserve fertility (eg. you’re a member of the Armed Forces who is being deployed to a war zone).
  4. You are due to undergo a sex-change operation.
  5. Factors which jeopardize implantation like bleeding, adhesions, unfavorable endometrium, polyps or extremely difficult embryo transfer.

The result from the process done by us?

At Adam&Eve Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre, going through our Embryo Freezing process, your possibilities of becoming pregnant with embryo after thawing are excellent and are not dependant on the duration of freezing (In any case, not all frozen embryos are viable after thawing, but the recovery rate is excellent in the hands of our expert embryologists at Adam&Eve Test Tube Baby And Fertility Centre and fertility Research Centre).