Male infertility Treatment

The process of reproduction is very natural in general for most couple. However, Infertility affects approximately 1 of every 6 couple. They face a lot of complication and difficulties to conceive. In many cases problem lies in male partner. Almost in one-third cases of infertility, male infertility is dominant. If the sperm count is low or sperm is of poor quality, then it disrupts the chance of pregnancy. ADAM AND EVE is most renowned and leading IVF Centre that provides the best fertility treatment in Delhi NCR. 

In general,male infertility is a widespread problem. One in five infertile couple, problem lies within male. According to a survey, One in twenty men have low sperm count during ejaculation and One in hundred men have no sperm during ejaculation.

There are some causes of Infertility in males:

A) Hypothalamic or Pituitary Disorder (1-2%)
B) Sperm transport Disorder (10-20%)
C) Gonad Disorder (30-40%)
D) Unknown causes (40-50%)

Many research remain to get performed on male infertility, as still there are cases which results an “unknown cause” after diagnosis. Male infertility usually occurs because of abnormal sperm, inadequate sperm count or problems in ejaculation.

Some of the known causes of Male Infertility :-

a) Inflammation in the testicles
b)  Scrotum with swollen veins
c) Abnormal testicles

Some known reasons for a Low Sperm Count or Lack of Sperm include the following :-

a) Use of alcohol, tobacco in high quantity.
b) Hernia
c) Hormone disorder
d) Pre-existing genetic disorder
e) Exposure to radiation
f) Injury in the groin area
g) Severe infections after puberty
h) Wearing very tight underwear

Some of the known causes for the problem in Ejaculation :-

a) Premature ejaculation
b) Radio therapy and chemotherapy
c) Erection dysfunction

Male infertility can be examined thorough physical test. The test includes medical history regarding contributing factors.

These following tests helps to understand the Infertility :-

a) Semen analysis
b) Blood test  for the  infections or hormone problems. Hormone levels are the most important contributors of male infertility.
c) Check infections in the Penis.
d) Physical evaluation of the penis, scrotum and prostate

Male infertility is basically treated by some methods that includes following techniques :-

a) Treating the infections by the Antibiotic treatment. It may cure the infection of the reproductive tract and can also restore fertility.
b) Medication or counseling for treating the sexual intercourse problems. It  helps to improve the condition of infertility such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
c) Treatment of Hormone imbalance by medications.
d) Surgery  to correct a varicocele or an obstructed vas deferens . In cases where no sperm are present during ejaculation then, sperm can be retrieved directly from the testicles.
e) Assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures :- ART procedures involves  surgical extraction  from  individuals, obtaining sperm  through normal ejaculation. In this process the sperm. Is inserted into the female tract, or used to perform IVF or ICSI. Artificial insemination is also a way  if sperm count is low. In this process , sperm get collected by  multiple ejaculations then, it is transferred in the female’s uterus or fallopian tubes.
f) In vitro fertilization have a high chance to overcome male infertility factors. In this procedure, the sperm and eggs are fertilized in a laboratory and then, fertilized eggs are placed in the female’s uterus.