Important things infertile couple should know

If you are obsessed and struggling with infertility then you’re not alone. According to a survey 1 in every 8 couple struggles to get pregnant. It is normal to feel scared and stressed. Infertility suffers a person with pain and struggle.  Adam & Eve and it’s entire team help couples to tackle their fears. So, that they can have baby to retain their sanity and protect their relationship.

Beside the best medical care, some suggestions from our entire team of specialists for infertile couple to bring back their happiness:-

1) Regular Sexual Intercourse Having a regular sexual intercourse can do a lot more than making you feel closer to your partner. Doctors suggests regular sexual intercourse to couples during the period of infertility. It is beneficial for physical and psychological health of a Person. It is  a solution for many complications and gives a couple a perfect relationship.

Advantages of Regular Sexual Intercourse are:-

a) Sex improves Immunity.
b) Sex improves Sleep.
c) Sex reduces mental stress.
d) Boosts your lipido.
e) Lowers high blood pressure.
f) Lowers risk of heart attack.
g) Healthier semen.
h) Chances of cancer are less likely.
i) Sex is a good exercise.

2) Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol – Smoking and Drinking has a very profound effect on egg number and egg quality. It also effects our body and makes it toxic. Persons addicted to these things have impact on their Sperm also. Smoking heavily can result in menopause years  earlier. So, it is necessary to say NO to harmful substances.

It isn’t Female Infertility that is affected by alcohol. Excessive alcohol lowers testosterone levels and sperm quality. It also reduces lipido and causes impotence.

3) Happy Life style A couple feels a range of emotions like – Angry, Sad, Depressed, Hopeless, Inexplicably inspired during there struggle of infertility. But never be obsessed with infertility because doctors suggest infertile couple to live a happy life style. Most of the time couples find themselves angry with the people they love. Particularly, If they are unsympathetic and asks continually for their Pregnancy but do not feel sad or depressed and try to have a happy lifestyle because it improves the reproductive organs and decrease your mental stress.

DIFC Advices to live happily :-

a) Seek couple counseling.
b) Discuss about unhealthy situations with Partner.
c) Laugh as much as you can.
d) Make changes in your routine.
e) Construct a plan to tackle the pain of Infertility.

4) Excercise Regularly Regular Exercise is the best option to improve overall health and helps to get Pregnant. Start walking as Doctors suggest Excercise is the best way to improve the Infertility.

5) Decrease stress Stress is major component in a person’s life that makes a stressful person, a stressful person is considered as unhealthy person. Infertility is also cause by stress. Generally infertile couples are stressful people. To reduce the stress we must do things like:-
1) Meditation
2) Yoga
3) Try to be always happy.
4) Explore the world.